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  • Divide Minds Music Video Release - Fine With It

    Divided Minds Released New Music Video For "Fine With It"

    Phoenix, AZ - September 2, 2016 - Phoenix/Scottsdale area local band, Divided Minds, has just released their brand new music video for their song "Fine With it". Equipped with an alien invasion and catchy lyrics, it's a perfect follow up for their debut single, "Time Goes On", that was released earlier this year.
    "I wrote this about a girl that left me," remarked Josh, lead guitarist. Just as the title presumes, he is fine with it. "Now I have a cool music video and she can watch it," he said while laughing. 
    Divided Minds is a four-piece alternative/pop-punk band that has been pumping out lively music since 2014. This young band showcases their teenage life experiences through their hard-hitting, wonderfully crafted songs. The energy of their songs matches the energy of their performances- lively and entertaining. All in all, this is the band to watch right now. 
    "Fine With It" is available to watch on YouTube. You can also check out Divided Minds' music on iTunes and Spotify. 
    Divided Minds is currently managed by ARK Studios Media Group.