About Us

ARK Studios Media group recognizes that high quality service in the entertainment industry is a rare find. What distinguishes us is not only the quality of our finished product but that all of your artists needs are located within one studio.

Working one-on-one with someone that has been a part of the industry since 2002 and has an industry resume that would make any entertainer proud; you deserve to align yourself with a music company that can help you further your career.

The number of resources available for aspiring artists through ARK Studios has grown into an education staple in the community. Our services include but are not limited to:


Artist Management: ARK Studios is always looking for the next star. With our industry experience you will be getting booked for gigs, auditions for commercials, modeling and TV shows, we will get you interviews and professional marketing and branding within no time.

Vocal Training: We will help you improve your technique. Looking to develop your voice? ARK Studios can help you. ARK Studios has been awarded for their tremendous vocal technique, and better yet, you will have the privilege of having private one-on-one training with some of the best vocals coaches ARK Studios has to offer. If you are located in another state no need to worry ARK Studios also offers Skype lessons online. *Please use the contact us tab to receive rates for training. *find us on thumbtack - Thumbtack

Marketing: We have social media experts working for ARK that can grow your business or artist social networks. Ever had questions on how to get a larger and wider fan base? Well, we can solve those questions.

Website Design & Website management: We can help you to create a website and our team will help manage it and update it for you so you can focus on being the artist. 

Music Publishing: Ever wondered how to record a cover without getting in trouble for doing it? Or how you can protect your work from being stolen? We can help! We can also help you to get your music on over 15 digital radio stations, not to mention on iTunes and Spotify.

Music Production: Creating your demo, album or cover? Let us help. Multi award winning ARK Studios will be there for you from the sound booth through the finished product. You can always expect high quality at a low price with ARK Studios.

Video Production: Our main focus is to provide high quality music videos at a low and reasonable price for singers. From cover performing videos to a full music video production we are there. However, ARK is more than capable of taking on the high end commercials, short films and documentaries as well! 

Photography: ARK Studios is involved in a lot of photo work in the country and we can help you with any photography needs. Having good photos really helps you when it comes to marketing, branding and the overall appearance. Appearance can make or break a company or artist.

ARK Studios Salon: ARK Studios has its very own salon to help not only on video sets but they can style your hair in the top industry standard styles. Trust the industry professionals at ARK to take care of all of your hair needs whether it be for a wedding, commercial, movie, or event, we've got you covered and styled.

Don’t be intimidated by our list of professional services, Ark Studios not only develops artists, if you have a desire to sing we offer vocal training to everyone.

Our passion for developing your talents is exemplified in the success of each of our students.

*Serious inquiries only please use the contact us tab and we should respond within 48 hours.